Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Drag City Records - HQ

KA is happy to report that Chicago-based Drag City Records recently settled into their newly renovated space. These guys work with an expansive list of artists including a few favorites of ours such as Joanna Newsom, Bill Callahan, Pavement, Loose Fur, and Jim O'Rourke to name just a few.  We’re glad to have helped the Dans get back to business.

While the majority of our assistance involved construction logistics for the renovation of an existing two-story 10,000 square foot building, we also fielded design items such as skylights, a radiant slab, steam shower, material finishes and an exterior stair. The stair afforded another opportunity to explore material qualities of steel. We focused on expanded metal which has the unique quality of shifting visually from opaque to transparent, dematerializing in a way, depending on one's vantage point as well as the size, shape and density of openings. Inspired by the likes of Robert Irwin’s scrims and Josef Albers’ transparencies, we will continue to explore these phenomena in larger projects currently on the boards we hope to post on soon. Also, check out a recent entry on another small project, Gonzo Balcony.

Steel Fabrication: Estructuras
General Contractor: Two Lights Construction
(Dan Sullivan and Ed Sindelar)