Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Gonzo Balcony

At the request of a very enthusiastic client (friend and confidant of Hunter S. Thompson) we reworked a builder’s proposal for what was an unusable “Romeo and Juliet balcony."  Instead, our design takes cues from existing geometries along the façade of the modern two-story Lakeview residence and allows the balcony to extend into the canopy of a nearby tree, creating a sort of urban tree-house directly off of the master bedroom. While the occupiable space of the balcony is quite generous, the perception of the addition from the street is significantly subdued given the integrated structural design, architectural detailing and ephemeral material qualities. The balcony seems to float, cantilevering off the façade, vibrating or vanishing depending on the quality of natural light and one’s position along the street.

Thanks to Louis Shell our structural engineer and Active Alloys who built and installed the prefabricated balcony. You can see our other work with Active Alloys at Longman & Eagle